Hello Sponsors,

New Jersey is embarking on its first season of Interscholastic Mountain Biking and we need your help. New Jersey became the 19th league nationally, joining a growing force of middle school and high school mountain bike clubs, teams, and racing. This past Fall saw 11,000 student-athletes racing across the country. This is a growing sport and is finding in participants to be students that have wanted a team but didn't fit into the traditional bat and ball sports. Nationally, in New Jersey, and locally we are striving to use the bike as a tool to create strong bodies, strong minds, and strong character with a focus on inclusivity and equality.

We are reaching out to our local, community business to find sponsorship to raise money for our new team. We have space on our jersey to help advertise your business and in turn we can buy a race day tent, stationary trainers for training and race day warm ups, and have professional mountain bike coaches come do workshops with our coaches and with our student-athletes. We will also enthusiastically spread the word through our social media and correspondence who it is that is helping make our team successful.

You will find a rendering of our jersey and picture detailing locations of sponsors' logos below. All locations cost $250 each and you may select your desired location, so first come first serve. We also have the side panels under the arms which will be fully visible on race day while the students-athletes are riding their bikes. This large panel is a $500 sponsorship and only available to one sponsor and will go on both the left and right side of the jersey. With our race day tent we have four vertical panels that are 12 inches tall and 10 feet long, these will go for $500 each to 4 sponsors.

We look forward to working with you and keeping you up to date on how your contributions are creating a better experience for our student-athletes


Kevin Watkinson

Head Coach/Team Director - Hunterdon Havoc